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The Duties of a Graphic Artist

Graphic artists are also known as graphic designers. They have the ability to produce ideas in a visual manner when words alone are not enough. Sometimes a simple graph will portray to the consumer more than an entire article can verbalize. It is the graphic artist’s job to help sell products to consumers in a visually appealing manner than will keep consumers coming back for more.

A graphic artist’s job description includes creating visual key elements for things such as establishing a website or designing images for a magazine. This person will use pictures, charts, graphs, illustrations, fonts and colors to create eye-catching images that can be placed on a website. The artist will make sure that the images stand out but are not overbearing. The presentation on the website will be easy to navigate but provide thorough information. Graphic artists help bring a total package together often coordinating with many departments in a business such as editors and salespeople.

A Brief History

Graphic artists have been around for much of history but may have not been given this label so early on. Graphic design became a recognized field with the invention of typesetting. Fonts are used to fit the project and artists find creative ways to apply different fonts in different circumstances. Mass production allowed for the graphic artist’s work to be published in great quantities. Beginning in the 1980s and 1990s with computers becoming commonplace in the home and workplace provided the opportunity for graphic artists to design digitally with computer software programs.


The invention of computer software programs has not always given a good light to graphic artists. Individuals believe that if computer software exists that the average consumer can purchase that it must be easy to make your own designs. Although some of these programs can be simple to use, graphic artists usually have at least an associate’s degree and have spent hours studying design theory. They are experienced at spotting which colors work with which shapes and how to place them on a website to make them fresh and appealing. Many graphic artists also have bachelor’s degrees in which they have learned how to expertly manipulate fonts, pictures and graphics in an advanced manner.

Variety Of Options For Graphic Artists

Graphic artists are creatively talented at producing goods for websites or magazines but also can be creative with their flexibility as a graphic artist. Some designers work full time creating copy for a magazine but can freelance during evenings and weekends designing websites from the comfort of their home on their own time.


Graphic artists face aggressive competition in different markets. Graphic artists who are “old school” and have yet to familiarize themselves with graphic design software and other electronic forms of communication are likely to suffer in today’s market. Website designs and computer graphics are a popular field currently and learning what software is available is pretty much a necessity. Being creative comes naturally to some and becoming a graphic artist is a good form of expression that can be used to create beautiful things to be used by consumers.

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