Graphic design is incredibly important when trying to capture the hearts of your customers
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Graphic Design

We generate 100% original graphics for use on your websites, in your marketing collateral, on clothing and for your print needs. We keep your company image in mind, and ensure all graphics are in line with your branding to help represent a unified image across all of your online and offline customer communication.

The process of graphic design is a creative one – graphic artists need your input (what is it you need designed?) and the message you are trying to convey to your audience – from there, we get to work doing what we do best: creating. We visually communicate your message and ideas through the appropriate use of colors, shapes, images and symbols. We combine the technology tools of the trade for graphics design with the power of creative minds and create something from your initial ideas and concepts.

Graphic design is used to establish a company identity, create logos, websites, product packaging, marketing materials, clothing, and print publications. Designers are responsible for creating visually pleasing layouts of text or images or both on multimedia presentations and all forms of communications online and off.

We follow a simple process to take your ideas from the initial “thought collecting” stage to the “publish” stage:

1) We collect information from you. We need to know what you’re using the design for, who your target audience is, and see current company images to get an understanding of your current brand.

2) We create a first draft. From everything we learn in the collecting stage, we generate our best guess for a design that will work for your needs. You are given this draft to provide us with feedback, so we can get closer to your vision.

3) We revise the draft. Based on the feedback you provide, we make changes to the original draft (if needed) to ensure it is exactly what you want. The better your feedback – the better your finished designs will be.

4) Your graphics are “published”. Depending on what design services you are ordering, we’ll either publish your completed website design or send you the finalized graphics for the order, ready to use.

Graphic designs, logos, posters, identity and branding