Your company's identity, brand and personality is what prospective customers look for in a company
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Identity Design

Like people, every business has an identity. Your business identity is the brand – it’s what people think of when they think of your company. The identity of a business comes from how you present your business to the public – what you have done and what you continue to do. The quality of your products and services are part of your identity – you will become known for offering high quality or low quality goods; you will become known for your pricing structure; and how you handle customer service. While some aspects of a business identity will be outside of your control, you do have control over how your prospective customers perceive you – you can hire graphic artists to help you with identity design.

Business identity design involves many parts – from your logo to your choice of colour schemes on all business stationary and online materials. We help you use your business personality to influence how customers perceive your company. We develop your business identity to evoke emotions in your customers, so that they remember your brand.

New businesses should always start with complete identity design packages. Established businesses looking to re-create their brand or image can start by redesigning their identity materials. Our experienced graphic artists can help you with:

  • a business logo
  • matching business cards
  • professional letterhead & stationary
  • matching envelopes
  • web design services
  • online banner advertising graphics

We are very familiar with identity design, and the importance of presenting the right identity for your business in terms of long term success. When you work with us for identity design services, we make sure everything goes together visually while at the same time working withub your brand.

Identity Design: Business Logo

When starting a business or revisiting your existing business identity, the logo is a good place to start, once your business name and tag line have been chosen. Your logo appears on all of your business communications – both online and off. It should be memorable, and symbolize the services or products your company is known for in a sophisticated, yet simple way. That’s a lot of “stuff” to fit into such a small space!

The first impression you make on prospective clients is often made with your logo. It needs to be professional and represent your business identity in the right way.

Create a clear identity for your company that your customers will love