Your logo is crucial for a successful business and marketing strategy
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Logo Design

As design professionals, we work closely with our business customers to conceive an idea for a logo that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Creativity and teamwork are not the only items woven into your logo design. We follow detailed progressions from basic concepts to finished projects with communication and direction from our clients through every step of the process – in other words, your ideas and concepts are taken into consideration during the logo design process.

The art of good logo design starts with the spark of an idea shared from the client. From that spark, logo designers research, investigate and generate ideas with the client to come up with the final idea for the business logo. Using teams of professional graphic designers, more ideas will spring up and act as a catalyst to more unique design ideas perfect to represent your business.

Do I Need a Logo Design?

Your logo design is unique to your business. Your business brand will develop through the use of your logo and your company will become recognisable through your logo.

A Logo Design Should:

  • Represent your business – A well designed logo should be a good representation of your business. Take for example the simple Nike ‘Swoosh’. It invokes a sensation of speed, movement and travel. All are great ideas to associate with a manufacturer of sportswear.
  • Be unique – Your logo is as unique as your business. When a client or consumer looks at your logo they should understand what services or products you have to offer. If you sell professional services, such as a lawyer, or sell coffee ‘to go’ – each logo is unique to its owner.
  • Stand the ‘test of time’ – Your logo will be representing your business on many different platforms (computer, business cards, TV, radio) and should be able to last 10 – 20 years.
  • Be easily recognisable – Convoluted designs that are subject to interpretation are difficult to recognise. Small fonts and hard to read lettering are a ‘no-no’ in logo design. Easily recognisable fonts can make an impact. Take for example the simple Coca-Cola brand. Its simple colours and recognizable font makes it a hit in any language.
  • Make the audience want to find out more about your business – The first priority of the logo is to get the attention of your customers. Appealing and engaging, your logo should draw people into your business and make it memorable.

Have you heard: “you only have one chance to make a good first impression”. At first glance, your clients will recognize your business from your specialised logo. Your logo can portray your company, business or service however you want.

What can your logo say about you?

Logo design, graphic design, tailored specifically for your business